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The Index to Quality Practices includes over 1000 specific quality practices identified from 66 nationally recognized (PEPNet Awarded) youth programs and organized by the PEPNet Quality Standards. Search by a specific PEPNet Quality Standard or indicator, practice (e.g. follow-up, youth leadership, employer engagement), youth population served (including urban or rural), program funding stream, organization or any keyword the user chooses.


The Index also includes a WIA Crosswalk making it possible to see the PEPNet Standards that directly relate to WIA Requirements. In addition, the Index features links to the PEPNET Awardee Profiles, 1999 to 2003.

PEPNet Index to Quality Practices

Practices organized by PEPNet Standard or Indicator

PEPNet Awardee Index

PEPNet Awarded program profiles

WIA Crosswalk

Workforce Investment Act (WIA) program elements

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Other Search elements such as: youth population served (including urban or rural), program funding stream or model, youth population, or any keyword